I am beyond happy to be returning to Viking Cruises this year for another 6 month contract of fun at sea! This time around I will be on the Viking Orion, cruising Alaska, Canada, and Asia. I will be away from 4th June until end of November. I can’t wait to take the stage with my team while performing some good old ABBA, the Beatles, and 60’s/70’s music.

I will be returning to Norway end of November for the Christmas party season!

I am excited to perform together with Piano Entertainer Johnny Corsie on the 16.3.2019 @ Provincialen, Trondheim

Johnny is a ‘Rock Star’ from the UK… my second homeland! This guy has a lot of personality. He surprises me with his variety of performances. Anything from Beyoncé to some Rock Opera can be expected! You just don’t know what you get until you get there. So in other worlds – GET THERE. And be ready to have a great time! 🙂

“come and Rock With Us… All Night”

I am very excited for next weekend’s gig 16.2.2019. @ Provincialen Trondheim.

Tammy T. must be one of my favourite musicians to perform with. She plays the piano like no one else, and sure knows how to entertain a hungry audience. You never know what happens.. A song you thought you knew, might be “jammed” into a new version. That’s what I love about performing – taking it to new places.

“Let’s get the party started”

Karianne will be teaching a yoga workshop in Trondheim, Norway, on Thursday 14th December.

The workshop will focus on balance. December can be a hectic month for many with everything leading up to Christmas. Come and join Karianne for a Vinyasa Flow class with a solid meditation at the end. We focus on finding new energy for the festive season.

Here’s a link to the event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1736988079942246/

Be the best version of yourself x