Karianne is a certified Yoga teacher.

She completed her 200h teacher training course in New York City, at Three Sisters Yoga – a registered Yoga school (RYS).

yoga NYC

When Karianne started to practice Yoga she was mainly seeking to improve her physicality, get a more flexible body, and to get a deeper understanding of her body’s anatomy. But she found so much more than that on her journey though the practice… Along with the higher awareness of the body, mind and breath, she got in touch with her inner strength and inner calmness. She found the importance of acknowledging the moment, and to approach the balance and harmony that the body and mind desire.

We live in a time where many individuals may be unaware of, or do not wish to acknowledge that the speed of our lives and the imbalance in our lifestyle has an important impact on our physical, mental, and spiritual health.  Practicing Yoga on a regular basis can restore vibrant health and balance to your life.

The physical and mental benefits that comes with practicing Yoga regularly are many. Such as: Flexibility, strength, improved breathing, pain prevention, calmness of the mind, stress reduction, higher body awareness and (Karianne’s favourite), a happier sense of self!

“A healthy mind will be found in a healthy body” – FRANKLIN, E (1996)

Karianne offers online classes during the Covid-19 pandemic at a discounted rate.

For any group classes on Zoom, Karianne is happy to donate classes for free if you are unable to pay for it.  Just make sure to e-mail your enquiry and explain your situation.

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